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Greensboro Development Pictures


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Thanks ezcheese for the photos. Ive been meeaning to get down there and take some photos of the progress of the Tower Homes. Actually the tower homes dont lookas bad as they appear. If you view it from the opposite side on Lee Street, they look very nice. I'll wait til they are finished before I give my final judgement on them. But that style is actually somewhat common in urban northeast cities but they usually have more brick. Whats intersting is that they have rooftop terrace with a great view of Greensboro's skyline.

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365K for a condo? Is it just me or is the real estate market getting a bit out of hand?

it is a bit surprising to me as well. they can't build them fast enough though. everything is selling very well in downtown. i have spent the last couple of hours reading over all the different projects going on downtown and it just blows me away.

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next up: friendly center construction

new pics taken on 6/9/06

the view as seen from northline ave.



walking along hobbs rd. is this going to be the HT? looks like it should be.



i don't know what they're going to do with this thing.


coming around onto friendly, new sidewalks go all the way down friendly and meet up to the current HT.








there were people already eating despite the "opening june 12th" sign overhead.


a peek over the fence into the bogg garden, which is located across northline ave. from the new development. if you haven't been there, you should definitely check it out! there are tons of critters that hang out in there.

you can reach the bogg garden at the corner of hobbs rd. and starmount farms dr.


old school


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thanks for the pics! I was just about to tak epics of the Bellemeade townhomes and post them. You beat me to it :).

The townhomes are located only a block or two from the ballpark so the stadium is attracting development. One reason why I think these townhomes are expensive is because they have elevators in each of the townhomes. a number of the units appear to be 4 levels too. They are a bit pricey but overall I like the development.

As for the Market Street Condo photos. I think its an excellent case of reusing historic buildings. btw in the photo you can see the dismantling of the Old Wachovia Building for Center Pointe is well under way :)

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