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Developer eyeing noertheast downtown in Greensboro


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It will be interesting to see what kind of plan they come up with. I believe there is 8 acres to work with. My guess it will be something similar to Bellemeade since they mentioned that property would be a good fit for a "village".

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I'm really interested to see what becomes of this project. While Kavanagh's other project downtown (600 Bellemeade) is somewhat uninspired architecturally, it is a pretty good project from an urban design prespective. At the very least, this will add more residents downtown and put more pressure on the city to finally get rid the Murrow Blvd. cloverleaf.

I also wonder how this will play into the Aycock neighborhood strategic plan. This is what is shown for the area in the plan:


You can see the property mentioned in the article just south of the new Murrow intersection.

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thanks for the link, cityboi. the biz journal's mention was very breif compared to the n&r article. this has some great potential!

i am still amazed at how much new activity is going on downtown, and how quickly these projects are selling. i have just spent the last hour looking at all the projects linked from downtown greensboro's residential section.

this is really exciting!

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