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Kansas City Photoshoot 2/28/04

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Allan    0

Great pics!

Awesome stuff! I like destruction pics for some reason!!

I have some destruction pics of Detroit that nobody would like. They've torn down some of our nicest old buildings for such "progress" as surface parking lots & hideous 1970s buildings.

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GRID    0

Thanks for the tour. My parents (who are moving to the Overland Park area) actually want me to move there with them and finish school. I may, as I really miss family and grew up in Omaha.

Being way down in Miami, I like the weather/beach/palms, but sometimes I feel "What am I doing way down here?!" It just is a whole different world. However, if I did move to the KC area, it wouldn't be my forever-permanent city. It would be just to finish school and assist my family in adjusting to their new area. However, I do like KC and if I do move, I look forward to spending time in "The Plaza" area!

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