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List things that Bush is responsible for

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Terrorism (or fake terrorism contrived for political gain which backfired)

High gas prices

Hurricanes, past and future

Tsunami in Asia

Lower taxes

California, New York going to be underwater in 10 years

Al Gore's movie

Michael Moore's movie


Bird Flu

Global Warming

Global Cooling

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Osama bin Laden

Saddam Hussein

George H.W. Bush




London bombings

Nucular weapons

Oil for food scandal

Unsuccessful search for Jimmy Hoffa

Shooting of Dick Cheney's hunting buddy

Patrick Kennedy

Dixie Chicks new album

Fox News

Jesus had baby with Mary Magdalene


William Hung

Abortion banned nationwide

Nancy Pelosi's wrinkles

Your job at McDonald's sucks

Your slow internet connection

Hangover from last night

Can't get laid

The fridge is empty

Sopranos sucked this year

List of things Bush is not responsible for:

Illegal immigration


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I thought it was the best Sopranos season since season 3 .. stupid tony love story pissed me off. I wish there was more of that dream sequence, maybe even a tony death at the end of season 5. It might've been pretty cool. That said, I think it's pretty good and sets up some good storylines for season 6.

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