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Adaptive Reuse in Greenville!

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Greenville has some great adaptive re-use projects out there. So, let's bring some attention to our favorites. Post pics and thoughts on these projects HERE!

Ok, here's some that I can think of:

Kent Court (American Cigar Factory- 1902):


Mills Mill

West End Market

The Old Family Court House

Mast General Store (late 1800's)


Bob Jones Art Museum downtown (Old Coca Cola building):


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Glad you started this thread Gville! :thumbsup: Greenville has really done quite well with adaptive re-use. My favorite. The Wyche Pavillion....now used for gatherings, receptions, concerts, dances, etc.


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^^That's a great example! Thanks for providing a pic.

Which reminded me of:

-Falls Cottage-- Now used as a resturant.

To Clarify my original building's current uses:

-Old American Cigar Factory-- Now houses office space and a resturant.

-Mills Mill-- Now residential lofts.

-West End Market-- Now office space, retail, and resturants.

-Old Family Court House-- Now Office Space, residential, and Spa.

-Mast General Store-- Now Retail, residential

-Coca Cola Building-- Now a part of the Bob Jones Art Museum

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Basically, downtown Greenville has become famous for this type redevelopment. Just look at Main Street from top to bottom.

Another one I really love is the old power station on Broad Street, now home of Northamton Wines and The Wine Cafe.

Another is the old Huguenot Mill, now part of the Peace Center for the Performing Arts.

The Davenport apartments.

Downtown Baptist Church classrooms, now condos.

Poinsett Hotel, now upscale, modern Westin Poinsett Hotel.

Monaghan Mill, now Lofts of Greenville.

Several recent projects around town have incorporated salvaged bricks from numerous vacant mills around the Upstate.

So there are enough to keep this thread going on and on and on..... ^_^

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There is actually a thread on this subject already.

Could someone please provide a link to that thread, so we can either merge them together, or at least carry on the discussion between the two? Thank you!

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