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Past and present historic buildings in your city


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No way I'm letting this thread fall to the bottom of the heap; it's a good one. ;)

Here's an example from Columbia. The Jefferson Hotel was completed in 1912 and razed in the 1960's. I'm not sure what's in the spot where it once stood, but this one should have never been torn down.


The one I'm glad got away from the wrecking ball is the Palmetto building, completed in 1913 (the city's 2nd skyscraper; photo courtesy of forumer Doug L):


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In Greenville, the 17-story Woodside Building on Main Street was completed in 1923, and later demolished in the name of "progression." :cry:


We still have a great amount of rejuvenated historic buildings all over downtown, including Court Square:





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The Biltmore Hotel aka Hotel Oklahoma (far right skyscraper) was destroyed in 1977. In this picture you can also see two of the buildings that I'm glad remain- First National Tower (1931) and City Place Tower. Another good picture of the building just before wrecking time at http://www.emporis.com/files/transfer/6/2004/12/326395.jpg.

The best preserved building in Oklahoma City, if not in all of Oklahoma, is the Skirvin Hotel, currently being transformed into a Hilton.


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Tulsa has many buildings from the oil boom:

The Philtower (The upper floors are being converted to lofts right now, the lower floors remain offices):




The Boston Avenue Methodist Church, an art deco masterpeice:



The Adams Building, formerly a hotel, now offices:


The former Cosden building, built in 1918 at 16 stories, expanded in 1984 to become the 36 story Midcon tower:


The Midcon with Philtower in front


The ONG Building:


The Atlas Life Building, often overshadowed as it sits between the Midcon and the Philtower:


The Pythian Building:


The Mayo Hotel, a portion of the building is due to become lofts this year, the lower floors were redone a couple of years ago:



The Philbrook Museum:


The McFarlin Building, being redone now as new office and retail space:


There are many, many more, but that's a start.

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The originial Amtrak station (I forgot the name) in Birmingham was torn down back in the 1960's so that the Red Mountain Expressway could be built.

However, the Tutwiler Hotel (which is currently being renovated into a Hampton Inn & Suites) is still standing.

Birmingham has a plethora of historical buildings that are still standing due to the city's strives to preserve and revivalize its character.

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The First National Bank building is one of my favorite buildings in DT Richmond. I think they are doing a pretty cool restaurant in a bank building just down from the street from it too.

haha funny enough, the cool restaurant in the bank building is called The Bank. It's a fantastic place. Soon, 2 lower levels will be opened as a club/live music/hang out place called The Vault.

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Here a few old towers in Decatur and Birmingham.

I'll go from oldest to most recent.

Here's the Old State Bank in Decatur, it was built in 1833 and survived the Battle of Decatur in the Civil War. It was one of only three buildings in town left standing after Union forced burned the city to the ground.


This is the Frank Nelson Building, built in 1903 in downtown Birmingham. It is currently 130 ft. tall.


This is the Empire Building, also in downtown Birmingham. It was built in 1909, it was the tallest building in Alabama when built. It is currently 247 ft. tall.


Again, in downtown Birmingham, this is the City Federal Building. When built in 1913, it was the tallest building in the Southeastern United States at 325 ft. It was also the tallest building in Alabama until the Amsouth Tower was built in Mobile in 1969.


This is the Alabama Theatre. Built in 1927 it has a current height of 94 ft.


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Wow, the Jefferson Hotel looks awesome on the inside.

It's absolutely unbelievable inside...the restaurants are great too (Le Maire and TJ's)

Jefferson Hotel

You can learn more about it and see some more pics at that link.

There's also video of it at GoogleVideo (type Jefferson Hotel)

Here's one I took... the coloring came out horribly, but it offers a different angle than the others.


Let me just add that I had the special treat of staying there once.... As we walked through the door opened for us by the doorman, ahead was an elegant statue of Jefferson. Around him were ladies having tea and biscuits for tea time, and a lady playing a huge harp for guests. The whole experience was awesome.... but I guess that's what a 5-star, 5-diamond rating gets you :)

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