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Pawtucket flower plantings...

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Garris    0

I was driving home this evening and seemed to notice lots of concrete planters with City of Pawtucket logos on them at key intersections along East St and North Main that had beautiful flowering plants. While obviously cheaper than (and thus not quite as attractive as) permanent planters, I was thrilled that someone thought of this and they looked great, really sprucing up the look of those areas. It's something many intersections in Providence could use.

Two questions:

1) Have they always been there but I've never noticed them?

2) Either way, who is responsible for this? I'd love to e-mail them and shower them with praise.

- Garris

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dantera    0

Just wanted to add my props to whoever does the planter boxes. Just yesterday someone planted some annuals at the "welcome to Pawtucket" sign on Route 1 and it really does make a difference. Just a small thing I suppose, but they really do brighten things up a bit. I've also noticed sometimes there is a planter outside of the entrance to the Stop and Shop plaza on Rt. 1 and some great lilies along the middle strip of Dagget Ave. Thanks.

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