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Pittsburghers in Hollywood gather

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About 200 people in Hollywood, from actors to directors to set designers and more, gathered recently to reminisce about their hometown of Pittsburgh. The biggest names like Jeff Goldblum and Michael Keaton were not present -- probably busy. But there were still some very succesful people there.

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Providing most of the organizational muscle such an undertaking requires was the crew of "A Tale of Two Cities," a quirky, personalized documentary about the great city Pittsburgh once was, the uncertain city it now is and the creative dynamo it might become. Made by once-and-present Pittsburgher Carl Kurlander, a longtime film and TV West Coaster himself, it sings the praises of Pittsburgh's greatest export, creative and entrepreneurial talent.

Here is the website for that project: http://www.thepittsburghmovie.com/

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^^Not to mention Kennywood!

65. Mollye Knox (Mt. Lebanon).

66. Kennywood arrow pointing east, disappeared during after-party (all is forgiven, please call home, 412-263-1666).

67. Mary Kay Twargowski (Shadyside; a Seen best-dressed in 2004).


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