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Misc Memphis Pics

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These are some pics of Memphis while driving on the interstates. A lot of the pics have a refelection of a mirror or something else because I took them in a car. Keep in mind i was taking most of these pics at 70 miles per hour. :D

Hope you like them!

Back of downtown in the morning off of I-40.




The Great American Pyramid or The Tomb of Doom, whatever you want to call it. Sure is purty. :cry:


The 100 North Main Bldg in all its signless glory.


The north group of bldgs in downtown.


Skyline in the morning.


Had to throw this on in here. If you haven't been there it's Little Rock.


This is the walking bridge right before the Chelsea exit on I-40. I love that old architecture.


A new walking bridge over I-40 right before the Jackson Ave exit.


Traffic jam.......I'll be glad when they get the construction done.


Old bridge, new bridge, and a truck.


The new bridge is lookin pretty nice. :shades:


One of the old bridges over I-240. I love that architecture.


The midtown skyline.


The new southhaven Baptist hospital right off of I-55.


Hope you liked them. :thumbsup:

I have been trying to get some pics together of the other East Memphis office buildings besides the Clark and Whitestation Towers. So far I have only gotten 3.

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I really liked the skyline shot from the bridge, and the midtown skyline.

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What a unique photo thread. I really like the expressway theme. Pretty unique IMO :thumbsup: Hope ya post your pictures more often.

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Really enjoyed all the great Memphis area pics! I agree with Bears that your road-way angles made for a very interesting and unique photo thread.

I like the skyline shot from the bridge the best I think.

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