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Puerto Rico Projects!

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Renderings for projects in Puerto Rico are hard to find but i'll try to add as many as i can find. There are many condominium projects & housing projects going on there as well as hotels but as i mentioned there hard to find and so i only have a few renderings for you to enjoy.

Welcome to the Puerto Rico Project Thread


San Juan, PR

The Condado area of San Juan, PR

The Plaza Stella


Cabo Rojo, PR

Paseos del Faro



The Urban Train "Tren Urbano"



Puerto Rico's largest infrastructure project--a 11-mile (17.6 km) metropolitan rapid-transit system known as the Tren Urbano--is North America's first comprehensive turnkey transit project. The rail line will serve the most densely populated corridor of the island, linking the central business district to residential and employment areas in San Juan and neighboring communities.

Phase I of the Tren Urbano System begins operation in the third quarter of 2003.

Phase I connects Bayam

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