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Kansas City to Memphis?

M. Brown

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Yea it's to NO,

work is being done in Arkansas and Louisiana. A little bit of work is being done and is being proposed for 71 highway in Missouri. This is becoming a reality. It's supposed to make KC the largest inland port in the nation... Not to mention we are already the 2nd biggest rail center and the 3rd largest city in trucking ;)

Oh, and we also have more roads (or whatever it's called) per capita than any other city in the nation...

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I dunno, but KC doesn't own that title yet, that's all I know...

This will probably boost us up to #2 in trucking instead of #3.

Too bad the missouri river is too muddy to have a real port...

It is also digging down and so it is getting thinner (it looks like it's low, its just becoming deep)

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Guest donaltopablo

According the to folks in West Virginia, they are.

The Port of Huntington/Tri-State is the nation's largest inland port, handling more than 80 million tons of cargo annually.

This came from a regional business development site, so take it for what it's worth.

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