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Tallest skyscraper ever proposed in your city?


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What is the skyscraper that has been the tallest ever proposed for your city? Even if it failed. Proposed is basically before it begins funding and then it goes u/c.

For Kansas City... What we could have had.


you can see they are labeled with letters, letters are a part of the Kansas City Place Project, and the numbers are already built skyscrapers.

G: The tallest ever proposed for Kansas City, height is not known, although it looks to be around 50 floors.

H: Unknown

E: Skyscraper looks to be above 500ft tall.

J: Looks about 30 floors

C: One Kansas City Place, built, 632ft the tallest building in missouri

now post yours :)

The tallest of those is Two Kansas City Place, 65 floors which would be 780ft or slightly taller.

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I'm not sure if this was the tallest (the Ren Cen might be taller - it's only 73 floors) but I saw this in the gallery at SSP: Book Tower - an 81 story skyscraper.


I've never seen any other renderings or plans. All I know is that it was to be built near where the Book Tower & Book Building are located today, but the Depression kept the building from actually being built. It would've been a great edition to the city.

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Well, the Wells Fargo Center (775') was supposed to be 919', and the USBank Tower, or 225 South Sixth (776') was supposed to be 1,119' tall.

Plus, there was a propsal for an IDS II that would have been around 950'

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The tallest ever proposed for Asheville is this beauty!


The base (Grove Arcade) and the first two floors of the tower were built, but the rest of the tower was cancelled, due to the depression and the death of the developer (Edwin Grove).

The tallest proposal for Winston-Salem was a 40 storey RJR Nabisco Tower in 1969. An ugly concrete and glass box on Fifth Street, with a smaller 20 storey tower and a parking deck and outdoor plaza. Smith Reynolds INT Airport on 25th Street didn't like the proposal, so they built a long glass building around 17th Street. To Winston-Salem's surprise, RJR Nabisco built the smaller tower and the parking deck a few years later. :P They did lose the company's original 1910 office building for a tower that was never built. When PTI opened and Smith Reynolds was no longer a major passenger airport, a developer tried to build a new tower of equal height and failed to preservationists trying to save a building from 1893 and an art deco skyscraper. Winston-Salem not only lost a chance for a new tallest in 1980, but the city also lost it's 1880 Opera House. One of three buildings in the way of the tower. The other two were saved, but the 1893 Crawford Hotel, fell-in on it's self during a thunderstrom in March of 2000. They saved it from the wrecking ball, but didn't bother to restore it or fix the hole in the roof of the wood frame structure. :lol: Another proposal from 1929 was for a 500 foot art deco building. The depression ended all talks of building it. In 1995 Lincoln Harris had big dreams of a signature twin towers complex between First and Second streets, with Wachovia as a lead tennant. One of the towers would've reached 300+ feet. Wachovia never commited and when the developers lost the property, Wachovia purchased it and built a 7 storey building there in 1997. :blink::lol::angry: I'm sure Lincoln-Harris was angry over that. ;)

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Wow that is a beauty Matthew! They should build it today! :)

In Greensboro the tallest that was proposed was a 30-story reflective glass office tower for downtown back in the early 1980s. It was to be the corporate tower for a local insurance company but that company moved to South Carolina and evetually merge with another company in Atlanta. Because the insurance company was moving its headquarters away from Greensboro, the tower plan had to be scrapped. The tower proposal was probabally part of an office tower race between Greensboro and Winston-Salem. W-S had built the 28-story Wachovia headqaurters some years earlier. The location of the 30-story building would have been where the 21-story first union towers sits today. The tower would have also been located next to the 12-story U.S. Trust Center which is also entirely reflective glass.

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Though I don't know the exact height, back in the 1980s Salt Lake City had three tallest proposed. Two were twin 700ish feet towers. They were part of a massive construction project on the west side of downtown called Traid of America. I once had renderings of the towers, but I lost 'em. :(

The other tower was proposed for a block on State Street - which is now home to a Carl's Junior. The tower would have around 60 stories, but it never happened.

The last tower to be proposed that would become the tallest happened in May of 2002. Everything was a GO up until the guy that was going to build it filed for Chapter 11. They even BULLDOZED the buildings on the site, were about to get the cranes read and BAM it went south. So now all that there is a parking lot, no tower and no hopes for it.


The left tower would have reached around 650 feet high. It would have housed office and condo space. The right tower would have been a hotel.

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Back in the 80s there was a proposl for a 1000+ footer in boston near north station. It never got very far. The SST was proposed at 840' I believe, and will end up being 700' or so. It'll be interesting to see if a 1000 footer makes the cut in the new high rise district proposed for the area south of DT being opened up by the big dig. They have talked of skyscraprs, but no mention of 1000 footers.

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There are plenty of nuclear powered cake mixers if you think about where some of our electricity comes from. For those interested in physics, there is also a new form of nuclear fusion that's been discovered based on the collapse of bubbles in water. Do a search on google, there are lots of stories. If this were to work commercially, it could produce power without radioactive waste, or bomb grade materials, just water.

Most of what has held our societies back is the amount of resources devoted to war, hatred, and security to protect us from one another. The FLW building isn't so far fetched in another plausible albeit uopian reality.

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With a mile high building, you'd have to have so many elevators it would be ridiculous. Elevator shafts would take up valuable office space. Terrorism is a big reason why this would never happen. In any kind of emergency it would be difficult to evacuate the building. A tall spiral at the top would be the only way to make a building get to that height. But even then, a sprial would have to be over 100 floors tall!!! I think the future may be large dome like structures with a huge foot print to accomidate a "mini-city" over super tall structures. because of the wide shape of a dome, you could fit a number of things inside other than office and residential. You could build a park, a mall, a college or maybe even an amusement park. This is what I see as the future. "self contained cities" demolishing old skyscrapers and streets may have to be closed for these mammoth domes. You would likely see the first of this kind of development out west and Las Vegas may even be the first city to do this. Just think, a casino would be really successful is they built a structure that would keep its customers from leaving. If the Casino was a "self-contained city", there would really be no reason to leave if the casino can provide all the services a city can.

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Devin, the tallest proposals in KC were/are:

Two KC Place 55 floors (never happened, realestate bust of 80's)

Sailors Tower 53 floors (never happened, too much oppostion)

Three KC Place 45 floors (never happened, realestate bust of 80's)

P&L District Tower 44 floors (project failed)

Sheriton Hotel 42 floors (city killed it)

World Trade Center 40 floors (never happened)

1031 Main ~40 floors (still proposed)

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