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Rate the Building(s) Alaska-Hawaii-PR-etc Style!

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Hello, i figured id start off a thread where we can rate certain buildings/skyscrapers that are in the region.

Here goes the first building of this rate thread is right down the street from me and its name is Hawa'iki Tower the property that its on was once owned by the tiny country of Nauru which also has a tower named after that country "Nauru Tower", anyhow they went bankrupt and had to sell it. BTW Hawa'iki Tower is 400ft tall.

The beach you see you in the foreground is where i sometimes go to lay out and enjoy the sunshine, but its not extacly a beautiful beach its actually kind of dirty cause theres a lot of people that use it.


See the street to the left of the building thats my street :P


View from Hawa'iki




What do you think?

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