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Honolulu Metro Construction Projects Rundown

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Kakaako affordable housing planned

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

*The tower is planned to be approximately 14 stories with 200-units


Kakaako Rentals

The proposed project:

Height: 14 stories

Area: 1.25 acres

Location: Halekauwila and Keawe streets

Project size: Up to 200 apartments

Target tenant income: 30 percent to 140 percent of median ($71,300 for a family of four)

Proposals due: January

Developer selection: April

Source: Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corp.

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Here's some new and exciting details about the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center rennovation and what's coming to town:

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

Waikiki's Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is about six months away from completing a nearly two-year renovation costing more than $84 million.

When completed, the 293,000-square-foot open-air mall will be 17,000 square feet bigger, with about 110 stores, restaurants and entertainment attractions on four levels.

The first new anchor tenant slated to open is restaurant Se

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Here are some pics, some are a bit dated but there are pics of all the construction going on. I just can't remember where they are at or who posted them. :(

Moana Pacific Towers


The Watermark


Rendering of the Watermark


Keola Lai


909 Kapiolani


Grand Waikikian


The Beach Villas at Ko Olina


There are many others and even buildings under 12 stories too.

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^I think they are finished by now?

Here's another proposed project for Kapolei the "2nd City" (more like largest suburb!)

Kapolei may be home to huge office complex


Source: Honolulu Advertiser

A local developer plans to construct the biggest building yet in the growing "second city" of Kapolei.

Avalon Development Co. LLC, through affiliate Kapolei 60 LLC, bought a 3-acre parcel across the street from the Kapolei public library last week for $6.7 million, where it plans to put up a 335,000-square-foot office complex rising 11 stories.

The $180 million project called Kapolei Pacific Center is expected to break ground in about eight months and open in January 2009.

The developer cautioned that the project could be killed if a City Council bill proposing a moratorium on real estate development along the city's contemplated mass-transit line is adopted.

The City Council postponed action on the proposal yesterday.

"It could have killed the financial viability of our project," said Christine Camp Friedman, Avalon president and CEO.

A development moratorium could have prevented Avalon from obtaining building permits, threatening the project by creating a significant and potentially indefinite delay.

"That would have a very negative impact on an area that is supposed to be the second city and a place (where) higher-density growth is encouraged," she said.


Kapolei Pacific Center is designed as two buildings and a parking structure with about 900 spaces. Of the 335,000 square feet, 285,000 square feet would be for office tenants, and 50,000 square feet on the ground floor would be for retail.

An initial phase would include one seven-story building, followed by an 11-story second phase.

The project would be taller and bigger than other Kapolei buildings, including Bank of Hawaii's 248,000-square-foot office building and the state's office building with 215,000 square feet.

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Pacific Quay takes step forward

Their mixed-use waterfront project at Honolulu Harbor got the green light yesterday



Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

300 leasehold condominiums, along with retail shops, restaurants, a private club, parking garage, pedestrian promenade and interisland ferry terminal at Piers 5 and 6.

The condos -- described as mid-rise, with allowable building heights of up to 130 feet -- would include some units set aside for hotel use or time-shares.

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^No it's just going to be dorms and expensive ones to rent at that.

Here's a from above rendering of a new New traffic center to help response times. It is located near the edge of the Capitol District of Honolulu just east of Downtown where many of the important buildings are located.

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

The new building at the corner of King and Alapai streets will allow the city to consolidate its traffic control center and its emergency operations center into one place near the Honolulu Police Department's headquarters. he traffic management center would improve response times to crashes and to clear roadways of debris, provide information to motorists about alternate routes, and offer better traffic management.


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