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Honolulu Metro Construction Projects Rundown

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Walt Disney Parks & Resorts plans to build an 800-room oceanfront resort

Source: Honolulu Advertiser


Disney hopes to begin construction next year on the luxury Hawaiian-themed family resort on 21 acres next to J.W. Marriott's Ihilani resort. Disney has no plans to build a theme park, but the hotel will be the company's first mixed-use family resort outside of its theme-park developments.

The Disney hotel, expected to open in 2011, is the latest addition to Ko Olina

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Here's a preliminary rendering of the luxury high-rise condo planned for 404 Piikoi. The project will be 400 ft and completed in 2011. There will also be a 5 story mixed use addition across the street.

The luxury high-rise is now expected to offer 277 rather than 295 units, with three-bedroom configurations eliminated. As currently conceptualized, the tower will be a crescent covered with glass, similar to its neighbors. All units will be facing Diamond Head.

404 Pi'ikoi


Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

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An artist's drawing envisions a 16-story Kalakaua Avenue condominium, which will be built only if enough buyers commit first.


Source: Honolulu Advertiser

A San Francisco construction company has decided to move ahead with developing a moderate-priced condominium high-rise on Kalakaua Avenue in Pawa'a near the Hawai'i Convention Center.

An affiliate of SPE Construction Inc. plans to build the 16-story building with 120 units at 1723 Kalakaua Ave. later this year if it can obtain enough interest from buyers.

If construction proceeds smoothly, the condo is projected to be completed in early 2010.


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Here's another residential project proposal. It's really ugly and plain Jane, unfortunately. :(

220ft. - 176-unit condo planned by 2010

Half of the fee-simple condominiums will be designated affordable

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

Developer THM Partners is proposing to build a new 176-unit residential condominium near the intersection of Kalakaua Avenue and Beretania Street.

A rendering of Holomua, an upcoming residential condo. Completion date is scheduled for 2010.


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Deal finalized for West Oahu center

Ka Makana Ali'i is to be larger than Pearlridge and will include a hotel

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

The shopping center in East Kapolei is expected to open in late 2009 on 67 acres near the planned University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu campus and will have 1.6 million square feet of commercial space.


*It will be the 2nd largest shopping center in the metro area.

By Gordon Y.K. Pang

Advertiser West O'ahu Writer

A final lease agreement has been signed that will bring O'ahu's largest shopping center west of Pearlridge between 'Ewa and Kapolei.

The agreement was announced yesterday by the state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and the Tampa, Fla.-based Hawai'i DeBartolo LLC.

At the key intersection of Kapolei Parkway and the upcoming North-South Road, the center, dubbed Ka Makana Ali'i, will have 1.6 million square feet of commercial space.

Size-wise, that's between the newly enlarged Ala Moana Center at 2.1 million acres and Pearlridge Center at 1.4 million acres.

Additionally, the agreement allows DeBartolo to put up to 300 hotel rooms in two towers and a third high-rise that will be an office building with up to 100,000 square feet of space.

The lease agreement is for 65 years, with DeBartolo expected to shell out $142 million over the first 25 years, starting with $4.7 million annually in lease rent the first 10 years and going as high as $7 million annually from the 21st to 25th years. The lease to be paid after that will be determined later.

For us, it's the final piece of the East Kapolei vision that we've been really trying to promote, said DHHL Director Micah Kane.

Development of the former sugar cane land has up until now focused on residential units, government and community services, schools, roads and other infrastructure, Kane said.

Kane's own DHHL headquarters became the first state or city agency to move to Kapolei two months ago.

What's nice about the project is that it has both commercial retail and office components, he said. "It's really going to be an economic engine and a career place for families to work. There's going to be an opportunity for people to have careers five minutes from where they live."

DeBartolo estimates the project will help bring 4,000 jobs to West O'ahu. It is on Kapolei Parkway and the upcoming North-South Road and will have almost a straight shot with the H-1 Freeway-North-South Road interchange scheduled to open in 2010.

Kane said the additional jobs in the area will mean fewer cars on the road, providing traffic relief for long-suffering 'Ewa and Kapolei residents.

DeBartolo said it will invest more than $400 million on the site over the first 25 years.

Detailed plans about the project have been sketchy, and a request to DeBartolo officials for a timeline and list of potential tenants yesterday was declined.

Erin Nellis, Hawai'i DeBartolo development officer, issued a one-paragraph statement:

We are excited about this first milestone and our agreement with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. Hawai'i DeBartolo is here for the long term, and we have a strong commitment to the people of Hawai'i. We can't wait until we can announce more details about our new, mixed-use regional center in Kapolei.

Several smaller, but still significant shopping centers are also planned for the area, including Kapolei Commons in West Kapolei and Laulani Village in 'Ewa Beach.

Kane said the hotels are a unique and necessary feature for the area.

There's a big demand for the community out here to get what they call a 'fourth-bedroom hotel,' Kane said. "This community has a lot of family that visits, and they're looking for a place family can go for one or two nights that's not extremely expensive or high-end. Now the only options that are there are either Waikiki or Ko Olina."

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Hawaii stadium to get $185M overhaul; UH expands pay-per-view package

$185M project addresses safety issues first, then will explore suites, amenities

Source: Honolulu Advertiser


*The project will start in March (2009), with major work being done between the end of the NFL's 2009 Pro Bowl and the University of Hawai'i football season. The makeover is expected to be completed in 2013.

Since opening in 1975 at a cost of $32 million, the state's largest facility has been dogged by costly repairs and lawsuits. From 1985 to 1995, rust treatment cost $80 million. By comparison, building a new stadium will cost an estimated $278 million in 2005 dollars, according to a study released yesterday by SSFM International, and Wiss, Janney, Elstner and Associates Inc.

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Blah, i'm not a fan of this but it will be a fairly major construction project.

Disney unveils plans for Hawaii

Source: Pacific Business News


Walt Disney Parks & Resorts on Thursday unveiled a model of a resort scheduled to open on Oahu in 2011.

The mixed-used resort includes 350 hotel rooms and 480 vacation villas for Disney Vacation Club members.

The family-focused resort will be located on 21 acres at Ko Olina Resort & Marina in West Oahu.

The resort will feature two towers, gardens, pools, water slides, a fake volcano caldera, spa, banquet and meeting space, and wedding facilities.

Disney film characters played by humans, such as mermaids, are expected to play a regular role at the resort.

This is Disney

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This is potentially some great, great news for the city of Honolulu! The reason why I say potentially is because it's just a proposal in need of approval but it look's like it may move forward!

Kakaako rebirth pushes forward

A $233.6 million project is expected to create 1,200 jobs

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin


BTW, this appears to be a separate proposal than the other massive one in the same area with as much as 20-30 new highrises. I cannot remember exactly but I posted information on it somewhere in this thread.

This artist's rendering depicts a pedestrian mall within the proposed Kakaako redevelopment.


This rendering shows an overview of Kamehameha Schools' Kakaako redevelopment plans.


Map of development -- makai (towards the sea), mauka (towards the mountains)



Highlights of Kamehameha Schools' 29-acre Kakaako revamp:

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Here's what the skyline (towers coloured in) may look like in the future for the Kaka'ako area owned by Kamehameha Schools.

Source: Kaka'ako {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} The Project (Kamehameha Schools)

There are at least 7-8 additional skyscrapers in this rendering.


Park Diagram


Map of various Districts in and around the CBD


<< News >>

Kamehameha Schools presents its vision to HCDA

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

The master plan echoes an earlier proposal by General Growth Properties

Kamehameha Schools yesterday presented its vision for Kakaako lands it owns to the state yesterday afternoon, eight months after General Growth Properties presented its master plan.

Many elements of the plan sound similar to General Growth's master plan - it, too, is a pedestrian-friendly urban village offering tree-lined boulevards. But Kamehameha Schools believes its plan puts more emphasis on education and living, calling it a progressive, new-era community for Honolulu.

Besides an innovation technologies center, Kamehameha Schools is also seeking to build up to 2,750 additional residences in Kakaako.

HCDA will have a 200-day timeline in which to decide whether to approve the master plans.

The Kaiaulu 'o Kakaako (meaning Kakaako community) Master Plan

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Here's some good news and an update:

Affordable housing project is back on track in Kaka'ako

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

The Halekauwila Place project, announced two years ago, was stalled by financing problems until the Hawai'i Community Development Authority stepped in.


Quick Stats:

1. 201-units

2. 18 stories

A developer and the state have revived an affordable housing project in Kaka'ako stalled by financing troubles, but only after a state agency guiding development in the area took the unusual step of lending money for the planned rental tower on state land.

Directors of the Hawai'i Community Development Authority yesterday agreed to make a $15 million loan that will allow local developer Stanford Carr to proceed with the $86.2 million Halekauwila Place project announced two years ago.

The deal is being hailed as a creative approach that will produce jobs, capital investment and affordable housing as growing numbers of Hawai'i residents face employment and housing struggles in a declining economy.

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Here's a huge project that look's likely to be built. It is another one of those liefstyle malls but the plan does include 4 towers around 120 ft. two of which will be hotels and the other two--office towers.

Sources: Honolulu Star Bulletin and Debartolo Development


A few facts:

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It was bound to happen but it looks like the Kapolei Pacific Center, once one of the largest commercial buildings planned for Oahu's second city, has become the latest casualty of the strained financial market. There are also a couple of other stalled projects as well so who knows what other proposals will be canned soon.

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