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San Juan Metro Construction Projects Rundown

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Here are a few new projects for Puerto Rico. For more info and links visit: http://www.vivesanjuan.com

1. AquaBlue...at the Golden Mile - Hato Rey

Two 31-story towers


2. Infinity Tower - Hato Rey

Beautiful 23-story tower 23 pisos.


3. Atlantis - Puerta de Tierra, San Juan Bay

24-story tower


4. Aquamarina - Condado

Beachfront condo with 17 stories and a pyramid like construction


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THey all look nice,I thought AquaBlue was going to be built in Guaynabo City...

Wow, didn't know how many construction projects were taking place in San Juan. Emporis should update their info with your website D-MAN. I think I should graduate from Civil Engineering instead of Electrical Eng. Hahaha :D. Asome website you have created.

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Yes but the Pueblo supermaret is not in Hato Rey..so thats making me confused...

I also read this article on the caribbean business about 2 months ago or so.... What they want to do is tear down that whole lot and build and underground pueblo and on top build that mixed use tower... What worries me is the following the streets in the surrounding area are quite narrow and now with the Gallery San Juan Plaza (GPSJ) project in the same area... will those streets hold the traffic a 50 story building and GPSJ will bring???? Will these projects once again raise the land values across the area further taking away blue collar class workers and such further into suburbia? A city needs all kinds of people in order to make it... and we're just turning these areas into very upper class places while completely destroying the original character of the area. I guess that's part of the evolution of any city...

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I was checking out D-Man's page and the San Juan Expo Center caught my attention. If they build it, it seems there's another big building (maybe 40 or 50 stories) coming to town. At least thats what looks like in the drawing of the proyect. San Juan's skyline is going to change in the next years. Finally people are thinking that we aren't a continent and that space to build is getting limited. Another project I liked is the Quantum Metrocenter. Would like to know how tall Q-Tower will be. The only info in the article is that is going to be Hato Rey's tallest building.

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These are some projects going on in San Juan. As I said before for name and more information about them please visit http://www.vivesanjuan.com

Render of the new Sheraton Hotel right in the heart of the new Convention Center District.



View of the entire Convention Center District. The convention center is already open and the district (113 acres site) is under construction.


More random projects in the San Juan area.



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Crystallia - Miramar, Puerto Rico - San Juan continues to grow...

The Miramar sector of the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico has been going through a true renovation. The Crystallia project joins Cosmopolitan, Conservatory Tower, the Music Conservatory Building, the Convention Center, the Sheraton Convention Hotel and the World Trade Center.

Crystallia offers apartments and lofts in a beautiful 17-story building designed by Sierra Cardona y Ferrer.


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