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San Juan Metro Construction Projects Rundown

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These links show up in a map the majority of the new projects that are being build in the Hato Rey and Condado districts of San Juan.

Condado Area

(You can see the location of one of the two 50-story buildings that are going to be build, plus another 36-story building coming soon that together will change San Juan's skyline)


There are renders of one of the two 50-story buildings as well of the 36-story building but the picture was taken from a newspaper and the quality of the pictures wasn't the best. So we are still looking for better renders to show up.

Hato Rey Area

(Quantum Metrocenter consist of three towers, two 26-story residential towers and the "Q Tower" --hotel plus offices-- said to become the tallest building in Puerto Rico, --the actual height is a secret-- but since there are already two 50-story towers coming to the city this one will be taller)


There are a lot of new projects going on in San Juan like the City of Science (a new complex dedicated to research and development located in the district of Rio Piedras), and more.

For more info please visit http://www.vivesanjuan.com

Thanks to D-Man these links are available as well all the information you will see in the website.

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Centro Gubernamental Financiero de Puerto Rico-Construction starts January 2008


This was the original design:


Plaza Internacional-Shopping mall currently under construction in San Juan,close to Luis Mu

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Ocean Walk - 47 stories. A mixed-use development (commercial, residential and hotel) including 1000 parking spaces. Proposed site @ McLeary Ave. in the Ocean Park sector of San Juan. Permits for the construction of this building are almost complete.


Ashford & Earle - 35 stories. Another mixed use development. Proposed site between Ashford Ave. and Earle St. in the Condado sector of San Juan. Permits approval almost complete.


Pearle @ Condado - 37 stories. Condominium with only 72 apartments. Proposed site @ Ashford Ave between the Atlatinc Ocean and the Condado Lagoon in the Condado sector of San Juan.

Detail of the top of the building.


AquaCity Complex - Mixed-use development consisting of four towers of 30, 31, 31 and 33 stories. Location Golden Mile District (San Juan's CBD)

AquaBlue - two residential towers of 31 stories. Currently under construction.

AquaLuna - Phase 2 of the project consisting of a 33-story commercial/residential tower and a 30-story hotel.

AquaBlue with AquaLuna


Entire AquaCity Complex Diagram


Quantum Metrocenter - Another mixed-use development currently under construction consisting of two 26 stories residential towers and a third tower 9commercial/hotel) already approved called Q Tower. Its height is a secret. The only info available is that the tower is going to be the tallest building in the Hato Rey sector of San Juan (CBD)



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Thx Alexis for the updates.

@ Urbanguy: there's a lot of updates and new constructions going on, but I dont have enough time to post them all. I'll do my best with them but at least there are more of us (Ricans) around so we are gonna give this site an update haha. BTW yeah its been ages since I last saw u here!! Where u trapped in the twilight zone??? lol

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