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Museum Park model

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This link will take you to the City of Miami Planning Dept model of the proposed downtown bayside Museum Park which will be the home to new science and art museums: http://www.miamigov.com/planning/pages/urb.../MuseumPark.asp.

The model shows the towers now under construction and those planned for the future along Biscayne Blvd. In this plan, the museums will be located in the north part of the park next to the existing MetroMover station. The architect or architects will be chosen by the art museum's new director Terence Riley whose last job was chief curator of New York's Museum of Modern Art (it's a real coup Miami landed this guy). Mr. Riley is also an architect and believes in championing young architects. I guess that rules out Frank Gehry. Too bad for us because, in my opinion, the city is still looking for that "destination architecture" that will bring people to the city. This site is the last great piece of land left in downtown Miami. It deserves awe inspiring architecture and with that in mind, my rallying cry will be "Get Gehry!"

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