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Charlotte Convention Center


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2 hours ago, KJHburg said:

A fire chiefs convention was ongoing this week here.  This is looking great and will be helpful in rebuilding the convention business.  Today.   Check out that walkway across Stonewall. 









Remind me - why are we spending money on a pedestrian skybridge in a fairly temperate climate?  Is it to create an amusement for conventioneers?  We've given up on Stonewall being a complete street for pedestrians?  Promise made to Westin to be "the" convention hotel, so the skybridge is a way to better integrate them?

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Maybe I'm speaking too soon but I can't believe they would make all of those beautiful aesthetic improvements and leave those ugly vents on the Stonewall 1st floor side exposed. If the idea (or on of the ideas) is to make it all more pedestrian friendly, maybe some awnings or sidewalk cafe look (or a sidewalk cafe) would make all of those utility vents disappear. A lot of money spent to still have that "industrial look at street level. Like I say, I may be speaking too soon.

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39 minutes ago, SouthernSkyline said:

Oh wow. Pretty sure I saw you taking these  last night. Awesome as always. 

That's awesome!

I was over there a few nights ago and found some good spots so I was free last night and figured I'd grab a few picture for UP and one of my friends at Holder

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19 minutes ago, tozmervo said:

Looks like it was just a ribbon cutting opportunity for the politicos. 

According to a twitter post, the gathering erupted in applause when Mayor Lyles declared the convention center project on time and on budget.

Sadly, all I seem to hear and read concerning the convention business is that plenty of companies and associations learned during the pandemic that much of what happens  at a convention can happen very effectively through virtual means, reducing the need for large, in-person gatherings.  Leaves me feeling quite a bit bearish on this new center's prospects, but is anyone reading otherwise?

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I do think in person conventions will come back maybe not to the levels once before but look how live sports have come back to crowds both in and outside.   Plus this new addition has more breakout rooms and some outside socializing space which is probably be very important in the future.  But conventions and in person meetings will come back in some form or fashion just as pro and college sports have.  

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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

first time I have been here in person and I think this looks great.  I can sit there and work in the middle of the street looking at the skyline.  Like it.   Like those faux stones a seat but not too comfortable. 









I saw the Charlotte Convention Center last week myself and it's impressive.  It's obvious that any future expansions will be vertical to preserve the street grid of Uptown.  Future expansion(s) are needed, CCC needs to be at least 1 million+ square foot convention/exhibition center, as it should be one of the leading convention cities with CLT being one of the nation's and world's busiest airports. I would love to see CCC host the American Planning Association (APA) annual conference, American Public Transportation Association (APTA) convention both of which are huge multiple day conferences drawing 1000s of professionals from around the nation. This would be a huge boost for Charlotte's profile as an host city for major conferences and conventions in the sector. 

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