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Your Favorite Cities

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What are your favorite cities?

here are mine:

Ties for first and second...

Kansas City/Verona

Washington D.C./London



Jerusalem would be up there, but considering its condition right now with Israel and Palastine...

Photos of my favorite cities:



Washington D.C.








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I like Boston, NYC, Chicago, LA, and SF. SD, Denver, and Philly are pretty nice too. Providence, Portland, ME, and Portsmouth,NH are all very cool smaller cities. I'm sure I would like many more, but I haven't spent enough time in them to know.

After many trips to each, I have been disappointed by Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Albuquerque, Phoenix and Tuscon. These cities seem to have much less to offer than I expected given their metro populations.

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Guest donaltopablo

In no order

Boston, San Fran, NYC, Miami, San Diego, LA, Phoenix, Savannah, Vancouver, few others I'm suring I'm missing, but those jump off of the top of my head.

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My favorite cities are in no particular order

New York City, Montreal, Monterey/Carmel (California) and of course my home of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Now cities I like to visit and enjoy as well, but not really my all time favorites.

San Francisco/Oakland, Washington DC, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Nice,

Maybe Philadelphia? I've only spent a little amount of time two times and never stayed over. I don't think it would be a top favorite just because I found the people very rude, but it seems like an interesting city.

Boston on the other hand could well be on my top favorite cities list, but I've only spent a day in this city so I think I need to spend more time first.

Also note there are many other cities I would like to visit that I'm sure would be in my top list. I just need to visit them.

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Guest donaltopablo

Mine have to be:

Boston, San Antonio/Austin, Phoenix, LA, Miami, Bay Area, Vancovuer. There are a lot of smaller cities I love too: PTown Mass, Savannah, Santa Fe, etc.

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Guest donaltopablo

Don't you people ever get out these are the best in order

Sydney (Australia)

London (England)

New York (USA)

Rome (Italy)

Athens (Greece)

Everything is a matter of personal opinion. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel world wide, and certainly a city doesn't have to be big in order to be a great city. There are a lot of amazing smaller cities as well. At least in my mind.

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I have never been to Europe or the West coast, so I will just pick out my fav cities that I had been to...

1) NYC

Great and great. Like the club scenes and the theater. People are very open-minded there. The skyscrapers are great. Ate at the Mc Donald's at Timesquaare alot (that's the only place I can afford to eat at that area, LoL). I was at the WTC 7 days before it fell down. It was my first time up there and my last.

2) Miami

Like the trendy and urban feels. A bit diffrent from NYC. Love South Beach.

3) Washington DC

Lived there for awhile. I still missed it. Love the architecture. Love the museums. Love the people. Washington DC is one of its kind.

4) Hong Kong

Asian's mega city. Great place to shop and very high standard compared to other asian cities. Lots to do and you will never get bored.

5) Singapore

Clean and neat. The best you can get growing up in Malaysia.

6) Fort Lauderdale.

Just a great city to visit.

Cities that I want to visit...

Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle...

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1) Pittsburgh

2) Atlanta

3) St. Louis

4) Philadelphia

5) New York

6) Nashville

7) Charlotte

8) Orlando

9) Savannah

10) New Orleans

Cities I haven't spent enough time in to rate: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Jacksonville, Kansas City.

Cities I want to visit: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, Miami.

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