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Wenatchee: Underground UW lab may gain new life

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More good news for the Wenatchee area:

Underground UW lab may gain new life

The $300 million national science laboratory would conduct research in physics, astrophysics, earth science and geomicrobiology, studying particles from the sun, the formation of minerals and hydrology inside the Earth and microbial life deep underground. ... now proposing a new site under Cowboy Mountain on the west side of Stevens Pass, about a mile southwest of the Stevens Pass summit and two miles from the town of Scenic, the western portal to Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway's Cascade Tunnel.

The idea is to use the 5.3-mile-long Pioneer Tunnel to get under Cowboy Mountain and develop the lab in phases, said John Wilkerson, a university physicist.

The original plan west of Leavenworth was killed for environmental reasons. I bet the lab would get as many if not more west commuters even though the lab would be in Chelan County. A project like this might speed up work on U.S. 2 and SR-522.

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