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University of Washington thread

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Ever wonder why there is a University St. in downtown Seattle?

Metropolitan Tract

The Metropolitan Tract, 11 acres owned by the University of Washington in the center of downtown Seattle, includes the original site of the UW campus. As presently developed, the Metropolitan Tract contains over 1,400,000 rentable square feet of office space, over 200,000 rentable square feet of commercial space, some 450 hotel rooms and access to over 2,000 parking spaces. The Metropolitan Tract is managed and operated through two long-term leases: one with Legacy Hotels for The Fairmont Olympic Hotel and garage, and the other with UNICO Properties, Inc., for all the other buildings in the Tract. In guiding Metropolitan Tract policy through the years, the Board of Regents has adhered to one primary objective: to generate maximum long-term revenue through the best possible use of this endowment of land and the subsequent improvements in a manner that effectively serves the mutual needs of the University as well as the local community.

(yellow = UW property)


Rainier Square -


One sad thing is the univeristy isn't getting a fair rate of return currently because of mismanagement. Hopefully they fix the problems.

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Alum Shansby donates $6 mllion to UW Business School

Shansby, co-founder and chairman of TSG Consumer Partners, has given $1 million to establish the J. Gary Shansby Endowed Chair in Marketing Strategy and $5 million toward the UW Business School's building project.

Since 2002, the business school has raised $46 million from private donors and $40 million from the university toward its $120 million building project.

The new building would add 75,000 square feet of space, including interactive lecture halls, wireless classrooms and computer labs, expanding the school's space by nearly 35 percent.


More great news for the UW. I wish they had invested more in the Business School when I was in college. I can't wait for them to get rid of those ugly buildings from the 1960's too.

Aerial of Business School (the three buildings in the middle/right of pic):


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2005 autumn enrollment was 42,974 with 39,251 at the Seattle main campus.

I love the University of Washington. If I continue to pursue schooling I would love to graduate from there.

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I love the campus, it has that stately Ann Arbor look to it. Except it's in Seattle which makes it all the more better.

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UW buys the Safeco building!



Seattle Times - UW will buy Safeco tower

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - UW to buy Safeco tower

The UW currently leases 1.2 million square feet of space throughout the city for research and other purposes. It will move the tenants of at least one-quarter of that -- 300,000 to 350,000 square feet of leased offices -- into the tower complex starting in 2008, with money now spent for rent going toward paying down the purchase debt.

The remaining 200,000 or so square feet of complex space also will be used by the UW, primarily for administrative and other offices now on campus, if it can persuade the state to approve paying an estimated $7 million per year for operating and maintenance costs.

If the state declines, the UW would lease the space to cover those costs.

The $130 million University of Washington-Safeco deal includes:

* Safeco Tower and three adjoining office buildings -- 510,546 square feet (279,459 square feet for the 22-story tower alone)

* Two parking garages with 727 stalls -- 249,260 square feet

* Restaurant building leased by International House of Pancakes -- 8,808 square feet

* Collegiana, a 29-unit residential building -- 13,409 square feet

* Small retail building -- 10,960 square feet, and two surface parking lots -- 73,589 square feet

This is great news for the UW. Hopefully it will open up Gerberding Hall for more academic and student uses. Also it will be a boon to the neighborhood having all of those employees going back and forth between campus and out to lunch. The article says the university plans on closing the Safeco cafeteria forcing people to go to the neighborhood restaurants or to campus for food. The ave has seen its ups and downs, this should help stabilize it more along with the restrictions on the university buying up property there removed.

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I took some pics of campus on my way to the game last week.

University of Washington

Drama Dept:


Business School. The skylights are for an underground library:


Denny Hall, first building on the current campus:


Take a close look at the decorative work on Raitt Hall, originally the Home Ec. building. The four sculptures are of a woman cleaning, a woman taking care of a baby, a woman cooking, & a man making the rules:


Liberal Arts Quad, looking towards the Art School and Music Dept:


More quad:




Red Square:




Some Houston forumers might recognize this:


Suzzalo Library:


Rainier Vista (too hazy to see Mt. Rainier at the moment):





Husky Stadium:


Tailgate by boat:



Montlake Cut, part of the Lake Washington ship canal which links Lake Washington to Lake Union and then on to Puget Sound:



Ball in flight. Huskies win:


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