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Mayor Perez's Media Liaison

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I'll reprint a post from the Hartford Whalers Booster club board....

"I spoke with Mayor Perez last night at the Bulkley High graduation and thanked him for what he was doing in Bringing Back the Whale! He was very candid in saying there was a lot going on behind the scenes and encourged all who supported bringing the Whalers back to e-mail his Media Liaison with our names and e-mail addresses so when push comes to shove he can notify us to come out and speak up on the move to to bring them back. He is currently compiling a dadabase of all who support the fight to bring our team back.

Here is the e-mail for Ramon Espinoza (Media Liaison) for the Mayor. [email protected] He also said Matt Hennesey has been working extremely hard meeting with other politians on the move. He mention a couple people I haven't heard of before and their last names were Green and Greenburg?"

There you have it, thank you to BigWhale from the HWBC message board.

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