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A special mention in todays newspaper


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As time passes, hopes for arena dim

Financing questions continue to bedevil downtown project


One year ago this month, Kansas City's plan for a new downtown arena was supposed to be unveiled.

Today, it still is not ready, and there is growing skepticism that Kansas City can even do the project.

The arena appears caught in a financial bind. Mayor Kay Barnes has promised to build it without a general tax increase or public referendum. Yet consultants and planners can't put together a solid financing plan without significant public funding, according to several officials involved in the discussions.

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LOL @ the mention of the forum.

I remember tayser once posted about how a newspaper in Australia posted an article about Skyscrapercity's Australia forum- but they accidentally called it "skyscraperpage", and the snippets of the posts put in the article were like "lol" and "it rocks!". :D

Hope the project goes through.

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We need to get this forum mentioned in some newspapers now.

I hope the arena project goes through. Finances for these types of projects tend to be difficult to get. I guess we'll just have to hold our breaths & wait for some good news.

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