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Cool Fire Department Event!

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For those in the Tallahassee area, the Chaires-Capitola Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting its first annual Open House this Saturday, July 1 from 10AM until 2PM at its station on Chaires Cross Road.

There will be many cool displays, demonstrations, and interactive events for the whole family, including, but not limited to...

- Learn how to use a fire extinguisher on a live fire!

- Watch cars get cut up with the Jaws of Life!

- Dress up like a firefighter and use a hose!

- Win prizes participating in fun games.

- Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, Drinks!

- Silent Auction for hundreds of dollars in great gifts.


- LifeNet's helicopter.

- Leon County Sheriff K9.

- Leon County Ambulance.

- Division of Forestry Dozer.

- American Red Cross Fire / Weather Safety Trailer.

- Tallahassee Fire Department.

For more information, visit www.chairescapitolavfd.com

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Here's a recap of the event from the news...

Tallahassee Democrat Full Article (Sunday):

Volunteer firefighters' open house a success

1st Responder News (www.1rbn.com) Feature Articles:

http://www.1rbn.com/webpages/news/displayn...p;cat=Emergency Aircraft&ID=f3bbe850-0d13-4d2f-89c0-5d38d726b2f0

LifeNet Tallahassee supports Chaires-Capitola open house

http://www.1rbn.com/webpages/news/displayn...;cat=Department Profiles&ID=5f14c81e-c4be-4c9c-87f3-0a1887c08890

Kids get to play at Chaires-Capitola open house

Plus, all the pictures we took are here.

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Thanks for sharing all your cool photos with us! I hope your department felt it was a worthwhile event & it's something that will be continued annually. :)

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I didn't mean to ignore this one. I went to reply the other day and it appears the response to this as well as other threads never posted. COMCAST has been a headache lately, which is why I haven't frequented the site as much.

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