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A sad ending to a new beginning

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Queen City Barber Shop which has been in the city for 60+ years will be closing Saturday. Most recently the shop was located on the side of the Hastings Hotel & Conference but since the CT Culinary Institute will be opening there Queen City Barber Shop has been forced out and since the owner has decided to call it quits.

This is not a major piece of news but it is sad that this shop has to close because I feel every single retail, entertainment, restaurant, etc. is important in a city that is trying to gain more retail tenants. At least the space will not be vacant because the CT Culinary Institute is moving in (there terms for the building were that there would be no outside tenants)....although if there are students there they have to get there hair cut somewhere.

This barber shop has been in existence for years and has been located in other areas of the city as well....this barber shop drew people in from the suburbs as well as areas as far as New Haven at times just to get their hair cut.,1406357.story

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