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PROPOSED: Hartford-New Haven-Springfield Commuter/High Speed Rail Line


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“If Governor Christie is going to cancel a major project in New Jersey, why not spend that money within the region?” Malloy said to WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau.

Great job, Malloy. If Republicans want to leave a ton of rail money on the table then we should be going after whatever it is that they turn down. Go after New Jersey's, Wisconsin's, Ohio's, Florida's or any other state that decides they don't want the rail money.

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I am so pleased with Rell's handling of New Haven-Hartford-Springfield rail line. She really understands why this is so vital to our state's and Hartford's future. If other states elected Governor's who are opposed to it then that means they must not want rail in their states. That is their decision and it makes perfect sense that we and other pro-rail states go after that money. I feel bad for rail supporters and businesses who support rail in those states but hey, we all get to have different priorities. That's the good thing about democracy.

Hartford Courant

HARTFORD — With new Republican governors in Wisconsin and Ohio preparing to turn back $1.2 billion in federal grants, Gov. M. Jodi Rell is taking the opposite approach.

She's asking the Obama administration to send $100 million of that money to Connecticut.

Connecticut joins several other states including New York and North Carolina in pressing to get a share of the $1.2 billion earmarked for establishing high-speed rail projects

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HSR is dead in FL for the foreseeable future. I am so glad we didn't elect some sort of anti rail zeolot like these states did. I take Foley at his word that he would have supported it though so I guess we should have been OK even with him. Hopefully their lack of vision will prove to be our gain.


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Malloy has officially asked for an additional 100 millin for this project from the feds. this is part of the Florida monies.

apparently the wording is "at least 100 million"

saw it in the HBJ

he said the state is willing to spend more than other states and that we have no other option but to build and embrace the rale and we are excited about it and enthusiastic...

something like that.


lets hope this moves along quickly, and lets home we can get the Waterbury spur added on ASAP

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In the follow up articles and updated versions after the press conference it seems as though this is the final funding needed to START CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!

thats right people, its official, we are building a commuter rail!

Gov Malloy said something like"Lets get CT Moving"

Really, this is tremendous news and the plan is to be in operation by 2016 (really, not all that far off for a large public wroks project like this)

The first work to be started is to install inderground signaling equipment. I think I read it will start next month.

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Plans For New England Rail Network Continue




In a report issued in January 2014, transportation planners from the region said they anticipate that relatively fast, commuter-style rail service could begin on the stretch between New Haven and Springfield by late 2016.

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I read that story last night and had no idea what it actually ment.


I mean lets see a realistic timeline and a source of funding.


I really want to know what they are spending their money on now


lioke what is the current funding buying and what gaps will exist?


it was hard to tell from that article but it seems as though we have new signals being put in but still just single tracks!!


that blows


I hope to heck CT gets a buttload of federal funding to fix Metro North and includes the NH_H_S rail

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The NHHS Rail Line has been rebranded as The Hartford Line. Gov. Malloy also announced that construction will begin this fall on three new stations in Wallingford, Meriden and Berlin. The new logo seems to be a variation of the one used for CTFastrak with a different color scheme.

The name change and color scheme falls in line with other rail lines in Connecticut (New Haven Line and Waterbury Branch) so does this imply that the state may be leaning toward selecting Metro North as the operator for this line too?


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Looks like this is moving along with the addition of the second set of tracks happening as we speak.  Great news.  The only thing this doesn't have that I think could almost double the usage is a link to Bradley.  I know it would be a lot but having rail service directly to Bradley could be huge!

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so totally agree on the airport direct connection.

other interesting news that made it NOWHERE is that there is a mixed use building being built next to the train station in Meriden, And a much larger apartment building being build walking distance to the Windsore station


Both are touted as TOD


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right next to the station


130 unit luxury multi-family rental community on 6.5 acres, to be named Windsor Station.

also funded by LAZ investments which is good


ground breaking was in late June  there is a rendering at that courant link.

you can also just google image search "windsor station apartments windsor ct"



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