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Oregon lurkers Identify yourselves!


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Hey all the wonderful MJLO here,

I'm looking for help in building the Oregon subforum. With all the traffic this site gets, surely there must people from Portland, Salem, Eugene ect. I'm all the way down in AZ and know very little about OR, but i'm more than hungry to engage in some conversation about it and it's urban life and cities in general. If you are a forumer and live in Portland, introduce yourself, if you're reading this, sign up become a forumer and start posting. Educate me on Oregon. Help me make this one of the busiest parts of Urbanplanet.

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I just got back from a 2600 mile road trip from San Diego to Portland and back. Although I was born in Vancouver across the river I moved (or was moved) before I was three and hadn't really been back since then.

I loved Portland. A great, green and beautiful city-really cool vibe to the people that I sensed. I could live there in a heartbeat and easily consider it one of my favorite cities now. I think we saw a lot in the four days we were there. Spent some time in (forgive me if I get some of these wrong) Hollywood/Beaumont, Nob Hill (my favorite) Washington Park (and in a nearby historic mansion for lunch with a relative), Downtown, The riverfront, Pearl District, Skyline Drive, Sellwood and out to the gorge to hike.

I also really enjoyed the working class/industrial port aspect of it as well. All those cool bridges and port areas really give it some life. I must say I was surprised at the almost gridlocked traffic though-worse than San Diego. I think all those old bridges tend to slow things up. Nonetheless the justifiably famous streetcar and light rail is among the best setups I've seen and really make the city work and be quite accessible.

The new controversial development in the southwest side is giving that part of the city a very different skyline and density. Wow, that tram system going up the hill is going to be monumental.

I would like to get to know the city better and definitely will be lurking here.

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Hello ALL.......I am a Oregonian by the trueist form. I moved to the ATL a few years ago. ATL can't compare to PDX in terms of overall quality of life. Except for the cost of living being cheaper. Traffic, Smog, and city sprawl rule supreme here. There are over 60 building of 30 stories or taller being built at the present time. Not much for parks. Piedmont park compares to Cresent park or Lents park in Portland in terms of size. It is by far the most famous park in the city. We do have the Silver Comet Trail that is a old rail line that has been turned into a bike path that is enjoyed by many. It is a peaceful adventure in a hectic city. The Chattahootchie National Recreational Park is nice with the Chattahootchie river flowing through it. And last but not least there is this big rock called Stone Mountain that has a bunch of old Confederates carved into the side, but it is a historical park.

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And let me say how much more pleasant the USC fans are when compared to the Oklahoma fans. The USC fans were gracious after the loss. They knew they couldn't win them all and many remarked that it was a good win for OSU...who have beaten USC three times in 39 years. The USC fans were unhappy to lose but they know they are still USC and will remain a college football juggernaut and found OSU's win almost cute. Oklahoma was irritating before the game with Oregon with all the talk of a win being a done deal...they were the mighty Oklahoma after all. Then they lose...after being screwed by the refs no doubt...and become a bunch of angry drunks.

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