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Charlotte Heritage Trolley System and Trolley Barn/Museum


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Guest donaltopablo

Very cool stuff. I'm a big fan of trolley's (real ones) returning to city cores. It adds great character to the city, provides alternatives to driving a car (without expensive or large full LRT or HRT systems). It really allows transit to get down to the block level and get people to where they want to go. Plus, some of the nicer restored cars I've seen carry all of the original character with some modern advantages.

Rock on Charlotte for making this wise choice. Dallas has one as well, among other cities in the region. I wish Atlanta would get on the ball with something like this.

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Cool. I like historic trolley's in downtowns.

Detroit restored part of it's trolley system in 1976, but today very few ppl ride it & only one car is currently running, although several of the old cars were recently shipped to Seattle for restoriation....hopefully that means they're planning on more new improvments & an extension or something.

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I'm assuming there will be multiple trolleys. When Detroit had its short trolley system (it was only 1 mile long) they had several trolley cars, although there were only a few operating at any given time.

BTW, welcome to the forum, Larry! :)

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