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Seattle Development

M. Brown

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I was at the official Seattle website and found a couple of new videos. They are pretty good. One is short and shows a pretty good shot of the skyline while they are driving. The other one is over 1 hr long. But anyway the mayor says that he plans to DOUBLE the residential pop. In downtown and the area surrounding downtown. right now the downtown pop in Seattle is 33,000 he says. He says he plans to make it 66,000. Just imagine. Here is the link to those videos.


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If they annex white center (south of Seattle) and antoher un-incorporated bubble in between Renton and Seattle, it will surpass the 600,000 for sure. We're at 570,000 right now, those small bubbles all together I believe they had close to 50,000, plus the downtown pupulation combined I think Seattle will be close to 700,000 in 10 years for sure.

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