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Last weekend, I snapped a few photos of some (but not all) of the smaller downtown projects under way, projected or completed within the last year or so.

Space 301, art gallery



Senior Bowl offices


Royal St. office space renovation


Government St. office space renovation with ground floor parking



Office space renovation, completed


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The state granted the Downtown Mobile Alliance $44.4 million in Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone bonds applied for last fall. The alliance will contact the original applicants for the grants, which included 28 projects worth over $141 million, to find out if they are still interested in the financing. Some of the projects moved forward without the financing, so the alliance could end up with excess financing that could be made available for other downtown projects.

Mobile Press-Register: Alliance granted $44.4M in bonds

Mobile Press-Register: GO Zone Bonds: Downtown developers could benefit instead

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According to Kathy Jumper of the Press-Register, the former Kress store building is under contract to be purchased by a local investor, who wants to put his office there and sell or lease some of the additional space -- 20,000 square feet on Royal Street and 10,000 square feet on Dauphin Street. The 70,000 sq. ft. building was built in 1913.

Mobile Press-Register

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A new restaurant, the Courtyard Bistro, will open in the former Gus' Restaurant location at 751 Dauphin St. within the next few months. Chef Cortland Inge, a Mobile native, is opening the bistro after working as a restaurateur in Chicago and Seattle. The renovated 7,400 sq ft restaurant space has a new, trellis-covered, 3,000 sq ft courtyard with two fireplaces.

Mobile Press-Register: Kathy Jumper column

Sounds like another quality downtown dining option is on the way.

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Plans for a new 4-story county office building have been put on hold because the Architectural Review Board found that its design would "impair the historic integrity" of surrounding buildings in the Church Street East Historic District. The building would replace the old courthouse annex next to Government Plaza.

Rather than fixing the lousy design, the county will waste more taxpayers' money by appealing to the city council.

Mobile Press-Register: Government building delayed by design concerns

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^ Me too!


Sunday's Press-Register included an article about the downtown investments of the Lyons Pipes & Cook law firm, which owns eight properties in the area. The firm has renovated several properties, most recently a two-story building at 7 N Royal St, and would like to renovate or develop more. It's good that these guys got some recognition for doing something with their downtown properties, instead of just sitting on them like some others do.

Law firm invests in downtown

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^ I'm with you on the mattress factory renovation -- it's really nicely done, and adds character to Dauphin St. Even though I'm not completely in love with the Hampton and Gayfers designs, I'm really glad to see those kinds of quality renovation and infill projects going on in downtown Mobile.

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