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Sacramento Developments


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Hey guys, I have been wondering about Sacremento lately. As CA cities goes it seems to be alot different than the rest. What can you guys tell me about it. If I recall, it's experiencing a good amount of growth. It has profesional sports teams. Is it seeing significant downtown development? Are there any fine pictures you have of this city? I'd like to know more about the downtown. Feel free to start new threads about development. If we get enough threads and posts, I'll push for a Sacremento subforum!



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I spent a lot of time there in the mid-90's. It was a much more relaxed kind of place than the rest of California, even having a bit of a country attitude in some places. I don't know about now, but at the time the unemployment was higher than the national average and as a result it was a depressing place to be in some regards. Still, I've always liked the pace that things go there. If I were to move back to CA today, Sac would get a serious look. Plus, housing prices aren't so nuts there, either. On the down side it does get a little hotter in summer than the coastal areas, but it's still a nice, mild place to be. And, it's relatively close to some of the planet's best skiing up in the Sierras, Reno and South Lake Tahoe for gambling, and plenty of good golf, while still being close enough to the coast for the occasional weekend beach trip.

Like any place in Cali, though, it has the problems of high taxes, inefficient government, and politics, some of the principal reasons why we moved away from Cali.

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Well it is the center of California gov't. Which by definition, is probabally the most disfunctional gov't in the country.

It's bad, but I wouldn't say it's the worst...I'd say Chicago is probably the worst, they just don't make the news as often. New York politics can't be pretty either, although I don't know anything about it.

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I've been reading about unincorporated areas in Sacramento County incorporating as cities. I know since 1997, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Rancho Cordova had successfully achived cityhood. I also read eariler this year that Fair Oaks and Arden-Arcade are considering cityhood themselves.

The Arden-Arcade situation interests me the most since it's the largest unincorporated area in the county plus it's just east of the city limits of Sacramento. I'm just wondering has anyone heard anything lately on the cityhood attempt?

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I know that California law makes it somewhat difficult (at least by standards of most other states) for cities to annex populated unincorporated communities. A good example is the Athens area in LA County, which has always remained unincorporated despite being surrounded by large cities.

Incorporation in the Sacramento area may have more to do with creating a funding source for the necessary infrastructure improvements due to explosive growth than protection against annexation.

Just a thought.

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I was in Sacramento for two weeks in March and April and the main thing I noticed was the trees. There are lots of them everywhere. It's as though they superimposed a city down into a subtropical forest without disturbing the canopy. Old Sacramento is authentic and draws a big crowd at night. The topography is very flat. The modern part of downtown is rather viable for the most part. There's lots of shade and there's a vibe. It is definitely a city on the upswing from what I gathered and observed, not one on the decline, altough I did see a good many buildings and lots that need some TLC and new life. I read that the economy is expected to slow in the area over the next few years. California in general is at more of a standstill in terms of population growth than it was up until a few years ago. I read about three years ago, I think it was, that for the first time in its history, more people had moved out of California than had moved in, according to the Census Bureau. But I think the Sacramento metro area has gained largely because of spill over from the Bay Area, where population growth was only 1.4% from 2000 to 2006 according to the Census Bureau, mainly because of the high cost of real estate and the general cost of living there. One other thing is that a couple of years ago, Time magazine called Sacramento the most diverse city in America.

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500 Capitol Mall coming along nicely; photo taken in late Summer


Already having a BIG impact on the skyline!


*pics courtesy of ZwahlenImages.com

Also planned the B Street Theatre(not sure of the status?)

The project is on a half-block site in midtown Sacramento. There will be two performance venues for the B-Street Theatre on the ground floor and five floors of condos, approximately 95 units, above. The sale of the condo units will help to subsidize the construction of the theatre space. The full theatre space is approximately 50,000 sf - the thrust stage will have 250 seats and the proscenium will have 350.



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Sacramento Docks Area Concept Plan

"An outgrowth of our larger plan for the Sacramento riverfront, the plan for this new residential neighborhood in the former Docks Area represents the largest development opportunity on the southern Sacramento riverfront. The plan proposes a high-density neighborhood, organized within a grid of streets and blocks that will relate the new 3,000-unit development to the existing urban fabric. Integration of development with open space is designed to offer benefits both experiential and environmental. The existing Riverfront Promenade provides pedestrian access to a series of new parks and public open spaces that accommodate recreation, mitigate stormwater run-off and enhance habitat. Two new bridges across the river have been proposed: one for pedestrians and bicycles, and another for vehicular traffic."




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Little Saigon Plaza

"Little Saigon Plaza is the Newest Addition to the Bustling Stockton Corridor in Sacramento. Little Saigon Plaza is uniquely positioned to offer flexible and versatile options in Retail or Commercial Space. You can Buy, Lease or Lease to Own. Contact us for more information. The Plaza will offer a beautiful integrated marketplace that meets and exceeds the needs of the community. Little Saigon Plaza is part of the Stockton Corridor Revitalization Plan."















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