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Two Residential Towers Proposed for downtown SLC

Sean Reynolds

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Here's the layout of the two towers. It's said construction will start around the end of this year, or possibly early 2005.

Two towers highlighted


Not much is known about the two towers except they'll both be over 20 stories high. The tallest looks to be around 300 or so feet.

One of the towers can be seen on the far right


The other tower is the front most tower.


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Yeah they're not that tall in the terms of larger cities, but they're going to change the skyline.

Yeah. They're taller than the tallest where I live (Flint, MI), so I can't complain. I could only dream of having a new building built downtown, let alone a new 20 story skyscraper.

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These towers will definitely help the skyline, while increasing the density. Any residential tower between 15 and 30 floors is a great project. While it is impressive to see the world from 500ft above, SLC isn't at the same market level as New York and Hong Kong. 300-footers are ideal for any city. I am glad that things go as planned. Hopefully, nothing will happen to hold the construction back.

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About once a month there's an article in the newspaper about the status of this project--the latest was that they've cleared the final storeowner obstacle--a little store that's been in business for 100 years, and had another 60 years on their lease. They've reached an agreement with them, and I'd expect an official announcement on what's happening within the next month or so.

I hope. Geez, this is taking forever.

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