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Eastern BBQ?


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Beat me to it.

Bill Spoon's, no doubt.

Great stuff, and Bill himself is there to check you out. The first time I ate there I didn't know it was cash or check only, and I just had my debit card. Bill said that's ok and wrote me an I.O.U.

How many places would do that for you?!!

I've been a loyal customer ever since.

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i've heard of both bill spoons and bubba's...just wanted to make sure before i went to ANOTHER bbq place. my friend went to ecu, so we've been tracking down "real" eastern bbq for the past several weekends...and i'm a vegetarian.

thanks guys.

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Across the street from Spoon's is Clock BBQ. Personally, I like it better than Spoon's. It is also eastern style.

I have had plenty of parker's from Wilson (the gold standard) and I truely believe that the pork at Bill Spoons is actually superior to anything you can find in the coastal plain. Bubba's is OK, but bland. Nothing special.

I'll check out the Clock next week....

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