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Downtown Residential Occupancy Rates

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In my quest for downtown occupancy rates, I ran across the following:

Harbortown's 272 units are 96% occupied.

Trolley Plaza's 351 units are 80% occupied.

Lofts @ Woodward's 61 units are 77% occupied.

I'm not sure why the Lofts @ Woodward have such a low occupancy rate. I'd love to live there....right on Lower Woodward in historic buildings.

I found these numbers here.

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I'm not worried about the low numbers. Otherwise they wouldn't be renovating other buildings downtown into apratments. Someone will fill them up. I think part of the problem is that people want to live in an area that is already improved. The prices are a bit high for the neighborhood (although they're still dirt cheap whjen compared to other major downtowns).

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