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Yeah, it can be a timely drive around the bypass - mainly because they havent widened it yet. The DOT keeps postponing plans to do so even though there have been dozens of new apartment complexes built on it in the last few years. It mainly depends on what time of the day and where youre going. In the early morning, I take the bypass to work because there are less traffic lights and I can get away with doing 65-mph, rather than driving thru downtown where the speed limit is 35 and the traffic can be slower and much more congested. The morning is probably the only time that the bypass is helpful as it is now (two-laned in some parts). Any other time, especially 5-7pm, you can just forget about getting anywhere unless you know the short-cuts.

Then again, there is the fact that Statesboro has multiple rush-hours:

7-9am - morning rush

8-10am - morning GSU class rush (campus area)

11am-1pm - lunch rush

1:45-3:30pm - GSU bulk of classes getting out rush (campus & mall/walmart areas)

2:45-4:15pm - Bulloch County schools rush (SHS area and a zillion school busses)

5-7pm - "rush hour"

7-9pm - rush hour for those who stopped to buy groceries before commuting home (mall/walmart area)

10-12midnight - rushing to buy alcohol before midnight (lanier drive)

1-3am - leaving bars rush while dodging cops (a very complicated rush period with lots of side street traffic to confuse cops)

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The Cambridge will be located nearest to campus on Lanier Drive near the stadium. The Exchange and Copper Beech are going up farther from campus on the southern section of the bypass. The Exchange are condos. Campus edge is going up behind the hospital as part of the Marktet District development.

Tillman Park, the Charleston-style condos are going up on the southern edge of downtown. They are marketed for professionals who desire more of an urban lifestyle rather than suburban living. Were trying to get more people in downtown. A lot of businesses have moved to the area and now residents are wanting to live in downtown now, which I think is a very good sign.

The Business Monday section of the Statesboro Herald is today obviously so Ill probably update later when I find out what the latest development in town is going to be.

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Wow! All I have to say everything about those subdivisions are innaccurate!

Johnson: UPSCALE HOMES!??! Don't make me laugh, the materials they used for these homes are cheap and theres not a single home in there that is above 4000 square feet. In addition to that the people who built them did a horrible job. So how do some houses get sold for above 400k there? Stupid people who don't know what an actual house is..

Irongate: OMG OMG OMG! "RICHEST COMMUNITY" "MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR HOMES"!!! Yeah right, first of all, the richest I know of is Beuamont(Spelling?) Plantation, and then most of the best homes are probably not even in a subdivision, seeing how most of them are lacking. Now this is what ticks me off the most.. CONSISTS OF MAINLY MULTIMILLION DOLLAR HOMES! The only homes that are good in there are the older ones, all the new ones are around 3750 square feet and they suck. I know some people that live there, but they don't live in the crappy ones. Theres 1 or 2 that are worth atleast 600k, and one of them is owned by the Reddy's.

Pretty much the best house in Irongate, then I dont know the other one that will be worth a million, but no more than that are worth that much.

Cambridge: It just sucks

Pepperidge: Small houses, but atleast they keep them in the correct price range...

All new subdivisions suck, heres my opinion for the top 5 best subdivisions in statesboro

#1: Beumant Plantation(There are some small houses(2000-3000 Square Feet), but it has more huge houses than Irongate)

#2: Whipporwill(Compare this to Irongate NOW)


#4: Georgian Walk

#5: Savannah Ave. (I know this isnt a subdivision, but I cant think of anymore good ones)

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