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Idaho Falls Pictures


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On my way from Missoula to SLC in June, I stopped in Idaho Falls to check it out for a while. I was excited because they supposedly had a public wi-fi network Downtown. I was able to get a signal and IP address, but the DNS wouldn't resolve anything. The Downtown disappointed me a little otherwise. It was Sunday, so it was totally dead, but I guess I expected more.

Downtown Idaho Falls:





Snake River:



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Thanks for the pics, colin.

Idaho Falls really does have a nice downtown. Not much height, but quite a few historic buildings that add a lot of charm to the downtown area. It is nice to see these buildings saved rather than razed, as occured in Boise back in the early 70's when they wanted to build a downtown mall.

It's been said that Idaho Falls is poised for tremendous growth on the west side of the river. Hope it comes true. :thumbsup:

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so how long does it take to get for cour'd'lane to Boise?

I am from Coeur d'Alene and used to go to Boise a couple of times a year for sports competitions and other high school events. It takes between 7-8 hours, depending on which way you go. The shortest route (454 miles) is on U.S. Highway 95 straight from Cd'A to Boise. The other option is to go west into Washington and down through Oregon. It is longer mileage wise, but usually is faster as it is divided freeway the whole way. No wonder why there is a disconnect between northern and southern Idaho!

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