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Life is good in NNE, statistically anyway

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Alright, so the winters are a beotch, and it's not exactly an urban-lovers paradise, but statistically speaking - on issues like healthcare, education, and crime - Northern New England stands out as probably America's best-performing region. (all info from statestats.com)

Safest States

(based on info from FBI Uniform Crime Statistics)

Maine - 2nd safest state

Vermont - 3rd safest

New Hampshire - 4th safest

Healthiest States

(accounts for immunization rates, health insurance coverage rates, per capita healthcare expenditures, etc, etc)

Vermont - #1st

New Hampshire - #2nd

Maine - #4th

Most Livable States

(accounts for broad range of "economic, educational, health-oriented, public safety and environmental statistics)

New Hampshire - #1st

Vermont - #4th

Maine - 17th

Smartest States

(Measures states based on student achievement and attendance, positive outcomes, strong student-teacher relationships and school district efficiency")

Vermont - #1st

Maine - #5th

New Hampshire - #15th

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Hey... Northern New England is good.. but the upper midwest isn't so bad.. Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin place very high.. and Minnesota has been either number one or two since 1996...

Hey.. I know I don't belong in this forum... but I just have to brag a little :)

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^I have noticed that Minnesota seems to be at or close to the top in pretty much all of the rankings, which is pretty remarkable considering it has major urban centers and extremely rural areas to contend with.

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^Yup, right between Manchester and Nashua

N.H. ranks healthiest state for kids - again


When it comes to being a kid, it doesn't get any better than living in New Hampshire.

That's according to an annual study released yesterday on the health and well-being of children and teenagers from birth to age 19, which ranked New Hampshire first in the nation for the fourth year in a row.

Full Story

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