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I'm looking for information on this place. It is a recently restored mid rise I believe it's in Uptown. But i've heard some pretty interesting stuff on it. One thing that blew me away is the price tag and fees that come with it. I am too poor for anything like this.

But it sounds amazing. I wonder if they market it with such high prices because of the light rail (12-15k) for a parking space from what I've heard. Someone is bound to be in the know. (cough cough loftguy?)

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Central and Camelback... The place is killer- Yes Uptown.

17 stories high.

There are like 10 different "ammenity rooms"...

I agree with you about the HOA dues- not for me- but many people eat that up. -Concierge service- dry cleaning, vallet etc...

I like the atmosphere there. Young, hip, happening people.

Every floor is a different theme and color- the building is retro as can be!

-Still has the bell hop waiting out front- still has the old school mail drops (like trash shoots).

I am a big fan- and very nice views!

The prices are much lower pound for pound than anything new in the area...

Light rail curves right next to it.

This price tag for an extra parking spot is typical of high rise sales...

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Well everything is dependent on market economics for this. Obviously people are willing to pay thru the nose for it. It just seems so extravagant. Even If I could afford 2k a month on a mortgage. I wouldn't do it.

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