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St Paul - The Penfield highrise


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Thanks for making mention of my website, I always appreciate the extra traffic!

The plans for the old PSB (Public Safety Building) have changed a little. Originally they were going to do three story townhomes, but now the plan calls for one level flats. My guess is that they will fit about 18 units into the building. The reason the unit count is low for the PSB, is they are only keeping about 20 feet back from the facade on Minnesota and 10th streets. This way they can hide the parking ramp behind it.

Total units for the project run in the 300+ range. From what I have been told, the grand opening is scheduled for September 9th. If you want to be kept in the loop for this project, just sing up for the waiting list on my website.

Deleted Please read the rules. We do not allow Real Estate agents to post contact info here

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Sorry if I offended anyone with my signature line. I guess I should have read the rules completly!

I will mind my p's & q's from now on.


PS. I've now heard that the grand opening is going to be in late September. That is also the time the "official pictures", floor plans, etc...

Also the tower will be seperated much like Grant Park (in Minneapolis) is. With 5 unit cluster to each side. Each of the residential (by residential, I mean the floors with condos on them, and not the lobby) floors will be pretty Hall-less. Two banks of elevators will service the building.

FYI - I do not represent this developer, or this project. I am just an enthusiast!

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