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Nashville International Airport


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American Airlines is adding premium service to BNA, one of 4 new additions across the nation.  Nashville will be one of 16 such airports nationally.  American is the #3 airline at BNA, with 1,359,000 passengers last year. 

American's Five Star Service means customers get priority check-in, expedited security screening, access to the Admirals Club and an escort to their gate, among other perks. 

More at NBJ here:


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@Sean blackdog

Hey man, don't shoot the messenger, but I think I can speak for most users who visit this thread: People are a bit tired of the pictures of daily flights and whatnot. It's great that you provide content, but it's gotten kind of stale at this point when most of us frequent this thread to read news. Thanks!

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I will say this:


When the thread was first started by Lexy aka Michel Davis, there was nothing happening at BNA as far as expansion plans. I know there are a lot of newer posters on the board and some of us have been here almost from the start and this board has gotten to be a lot more complicated than it was in the past. I try to encourage posters and not discourage posters.

Michael was posting some great photos of the planes that were landing at the airport and the board was eating it up. Many of those photos have since been taken down unfortunately.

We have seen the days of heavy handed moderators, most of you have not been around to see and it almost ruined the entire UP forum. DMills was trying to get a Columbus UP thread started but they all started a new forum for the state of Ohio just because that one moderator ruined the entire forum for so many people and never came back.

Many times I am pretty out spoken, but I will sit back and for the most part take it when some of you dont like it and dont worry about it because I have some really thick skin.

This is sort of a hard job when you really have to belly up to the bar and dish it out, because that's no fun and none of the Mods like doing it. 


It might be that the time has come to make a separate thread for BNA expansion or we can keep everything here. I am one that sort of dislikes a lot of threads and I only start them as needed and when I pin them and they are no longer useful or serving the purpose I will unpin the thread like the mini meets because the August meet will probably be the last one for a while.

I sort of let Mark run the show for the most part now and will leave it up to him or he can leave it up to me. 

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