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Nashville International Airport


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Today this morning from News Channel 5 

Here is a timeline of new shops opening at BNA  

"By 2041, the population of the Greater Nashville Area is expected to surpass 2.5 million people. By 2023, BNA passenger traffic will grow to more than 23 million," BNA Vision's website said.

In addition to transforming the airport, there are a lot of shops set to open in the coming years. Below are some spots you can expect to see soon. 



The Tennessee Tribune: July 2022
Concourse A
Arrington Wine Bar and Café: June 2022
Concourse B
Play Nashville: July 2022 
Concourse C
MEEL: May 2022
The Opry Shop: April 2022
Ole Red: May 2022
Concourse D
The Southern Steak & Oyster: July 2022
Shake Shack: August 2022
Tennessee Rickhouse: December 2022
C/D Connector
The Green Room: August 2022 (subject to change)



Lily Palmer Flowers on the Fly: January 2023
Concourse B
Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum: September 2023
TN Moonshine Bar: September 2023
A/B Rotunda/Food Court
The Pharmacy Burger: January 2023
Goo Goo Store: September 2023
Galleria: September 2023
T Concourse
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: January 2023
The Atrium: January 2023
Nashville Jam Sessions: January 2023
Draper James: January 2023
Natalie’s Candy Jar: January 2023
Whiskey Trailhead: January 2023
Parnassus Books: January 2023
Nashville Music City: January 2023
InTune: January 2023
Titan’s Sports Bar: September 2023
ACME Feed & Seed: September 2023 
The All Day: September 2023
Concourse C
Slim and Husky’s: September 2023
Smashville: September 2023
Concourse D
Donelson Emporium: September 2023
Tennessee Whiskey Company: September 2023


Concourse D
Donelson Emporium: September 2023
Tennessee Whiskey Company: September 2023

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On 5/6/2022 at 11:44 AM, glamdring269 said:

I'm trying to envision where all of these places are going to fit into D. Can't wait to see how it looks in a few months.

That article is riddled with typos, but once the atrium reopens the south security will be built out as an extension of ticket counters, and the parts closest to the terrazzo will face the airside and have retail stalls.

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Somebody may have posted this already, but I just noticed this afternoon that the airport’s new “monument sign” at the I-40 exit now has its giant  B N A letters and appears complete, lacking only lighting and landscaping.

(I was driving, thus no photo.)

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Board meeting topics for Wednesday include Beyond Vision schedule and budget, Air Canada service incentive agreement for Montreal service, John C Tune update, concessions update, and quarterly reporting on the retirement fund. Once this months meetings conclude, the minutes from April will be made available and there was a whole mess of approvals last month, mostly budget and finance matters. Agendas and minutes are at https://www.flynashville.com/nashville-airport-authority/leadership

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