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Public Transit in National Parks


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This doesn't really fit as 'urban' transit but I thought this was the best place for this. On my trip out west I visited Zion and got to see their public transit there. It's been a while since I was at the Grand Canyon. I do know they offer a public transit on the south rim but I don't think very much was off limits to private vehicles. But Zion on the other hand has quite a bit of the park that's off limits to private vehicles and you pretty much have to use the public transit. I was curious if anyone else knew of any of the National Parks that use public transit very much. As soon as I find them I'll post pic or two of the buses. I was also surprised how eco-friendly Zion was. The buses are run on propane. The vistor center didn't use air conditioning. It had four 'towers' that made up a second story. Air circulated through water that cooled the air then the air sunk into the building cooling it off. A little bit like a 'swamp cooler' (for those of you out west who know what I'm talking about) but didn't even have a fan.

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Here's a couple of pics I promised earlier.



I was also a bit surprised to see how they ran. In the summer during peak hours they ran every 5 minutes. They also ran as late as 11PM. Seemed rather late for a National Park. Not sure what people would be doing that late. But anyway I found it rather interesting.

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Doesn't Glacier NP have something like this?

Ford always throws a line in about their sponsorship of it on PBS' nature-oriented shows.

I haven't heard about it. Seems like I always heard more about the Grand Canyon and Zion. Of course maybe it's also because I paid more attention to those because they are in the southwest. An area I visit regularly. I'll have to check out Glacier NP and see what I can find.

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