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211 West Fort Plaza


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As some of you know, I'm recreating 211 West Fort Street for the game Sim City. Here's my progress so far (I'm almost done):


I thought that the thing infront of the building in the plaza is a fountain, but I also remember seeing plants in it. I can't tell from the picture I have what it really is, and I've been looking at this building so much I don't even know anymore. :wacko:

Does anyone know?

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Well looking at one of the pictures from DetroitYES, there are definately small trees planted in each of the three highest boxes on each side. There are also flag poles cented in two of the shortest boxes. The rest of the boxes are two dark but definately have an object in the center of each one. Unfortunately, I don't know for certain, but I would say that it is only a planter.

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So it's a planter? That's easier to make since dirt is easier than water. :)

The Detroit Free Press Building (completed):


The Vinton Building (in progress):


One Woodward Avenue (in progress):


Right now, One Woodward Avenue is the closest to completion. I sent it to someone else to do the night lighting, and after that I need to make the lobby look better. 211 W Fort needs the garage entrance done, some texture tweaking on the glass on the lobby, and some tweaking for the roof. The Vinton Building needs to have it's top floor scaled down, and it needs it's first floor done.

I hope to do one of Rowland's skyscrapers some day.


That's a nice picture. I think using black and white 35 mm gives the buildings a completely different context.

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there was actually discussion at work about installing it on my machine for lunch time play... shortly thereafter I realized that my lunch would have to be about 8 hours long to accomodate a proper SC4 session... none of that time would be billable and therefore, would not be a good decision for me or the company.

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