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World Cup in Hartford


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Avid soccer fans in Greater Hartford have been watching the world cup from many of the downtown bars as well as bars in the south end (when Italy was playing) and west end.

Italy winning though was the jackpot and Franklin Avenue has brought thousands of Italians back to their old neighborhood to watch the world cup and celebrate in the avenue.

Part of Franklin Avenue was closed off for the game so that a large screen TV could be set up in the street for people to watch the game (a great idea!!!). In addition people filled south end favorites such as the Italian clubs still located in the south end and in Wethersfield & Rocky Hill, they filled south end restaurants and pavillions set up along Franklin Avenue such as the one at Dabacco's.

When Italy won the party started....one like Hartford has not seen in a long time and especially one the south end has not seen in a long time. Since the win and continuing well into the night (they are still partying down their as I type). People are driving up and down Franklin Avenue honking their horns, yelling & waving their Italian flags, there are also tons of people walking up & down the street celebrating and frequenting all of the Franklin Avenue restaurants.

Many people who had moved out of the south end to the suburbs and many Italian children (numerous college age students & young professionals) who are Italian but grew up in the suburbs returned to Little Italy for this massive party.

This truly was one of Hartford's best days.

Some pictures (not the very best but better then nothing) from Franklin Avenue's celebration of Italy's victory.

This truly was one of Hartford's best days in a long time.

Casa Mia (big celebrations there)








DiBaccos (they had a big tent filled w/ people watching)












More pics!!!

The second building on the right is one of the Italian clubs in the south end.










Another Italian club


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Wowwwww!!! Great Pix. I love when there are people on the streets. My friend from Wetherfield told me about how crazy it was on Franklin all day, but I didn't quite know it was that popping.

I live in Wethersfield and watched the game for a bit down there then watched the rest from home. After the game I headed down to Franklin Avenue and all down the Rt 3, the Silas Deane Highway and other streets in Wethersfield you could see caravans of cars with flags, filled w/ people heading over to Franklin Avenue

I still don't get the appeal of soccer, it's so boring to me. Nonetheless, that looks like a fun party!

I felt the same way until I started watching some of the games and got hooked.

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What a great party. I was down there also in 94 when Brazil beat Italy on penalty kicks. About 20 mins after the game, a parade of brazilians from Park St. came down Franklin Ave. and there was almost a riot.

While many of the Italian residents have moved to the suburbs since the late 80's and early 90's, Italians still populate the deep South End and much of the businesses along Franklin Ave are still Italian owned. There are still 5 bakerys, 5 social clubs and countless restaurants.

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