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Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs


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2 hours ago, bigeasy said:

Atmosphere was amazing Saturday. It was crazy seeing the line to get into the concert along with all the people downtown for the Preds. 

Anyone know if tv showed shots of the concert from the sky? I saw a helicopter fly over a bunch of times. 30 Seconds to Mars was the main reason I went, but wow Muse really knows how to put on a good show. 


I can't believe Muse and 30 STM did a show in such a small venue.  I mean, Muse sometimes does football stadiums, right?

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Didn't see any overhead shots during the game.  However, there was one shot by NBC during the game that was really nice.  It's probably from the same vantage point as the picture above with the Stanley Cup trophy.  The shot was of the river looking south towards downtown.  It was a great view that captured the skyline extending into Sobro.  So not the normal shot that is so overdone of the batman building and everything else clustered behind it.  You could see the pedestrian bridge and the KVB bridge and you could see the skyline which appeared to hover along the rivers shore.

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Nice pic. Looks more Midwestern city than Southern. 


That's not quite a compliment, is it? Let's not conflate the density of urban decay for which much diminished Midwestern industrial centers are known for currently with the [reclamation] of populated places in close proximity for which even our Southern cities were once known. ;-)


This looks like Nashville.


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Did I say something wrong?? Wasn't saying that the photo reminded me of Birmingham. My comment was in reference to the last part of MLBrumby's post about Southern cities with industrial decay. At least the last time I was there it appeared that way in some areas. 

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