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Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs


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Almost forgot about this dialogue it was so long ago. You obviously feel strongly about some use of a word or several, and you seem to take great pride in your SAT vocabulary. But honestly Dude, I didn't even make it through your verbose post.
Frankly, I don't have time for you, especially during a weekday.  So I'll be the bigger person and say, whatever!? And let it go! 

For an ostensibly bigger person, you seem unduly bothered by my easy-to-follow writing. Your behavior in this exchange reveals you in a very disappointing light. But we know you better now...

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WOW!!!1995. I wasn't even born yet. Great pictures though.

I remember back when this was being built at that time. I didn't realize it was being built when we would go downtown to the Mix Factory on Tuesday nights(Fight Night), Thursday and Saturdays when I was at MTSU in undergrad. The good ole day's. By the way. The Mix Factory was ahead of its time. That place would be a blast now being four floors sitting on the corner were Asurion is with Have a Nice Day cafe down the street with the big yellow smile on top of the building. Ahhh the good ole day's of partying in Nashville.

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