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Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs


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12 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

There is a very good chance that in the next two months that we will top 40 tower cranes in Metro, most of which will be inside the 440/24 loop. Its all a matter of timing but it could happen for the first time ever. I think right now we are at 36 with two more bases in place.

mark will need to check the numbers.

Adam Sichko, of the NBJ, just tweeted today we are at 29 cranes. Just FYI

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1 hour ago, titanhog said:

^^Picture is good except for that ugly building blocking my view of downtown! :sick:

Just wait until you see the rents they are trying to charge in that hideous building! Also, they are marketing as "in the Gulch" but at this point it is pretty much an island in the middle of empty lots and the interstate. I would call it "Gulch -adjacent" at best.

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1 minute ago, downtownresident said:

With the new developments starting along Division it won’t be by itself for long. 

Agreed. The rents they are charging would be somewhat justified once all those projects are done. But the current reality is much different. Not to mention residents will have to deal with all of the construction in the interim. If I owned a condo in that building, I would be happy to deal with all of the construction since it will only increase my property value. As a renter, I would expect heavily discounted rents  or at the very least, not astronomically high rents.

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Lovely picture! Back then, you could see the Capitol from Vanderbilt. It wasn't until the 1970s (I think) when Snodgrass Tower, the Sheraton and UBS Tower obstructed that view. By the 1980s, Nashville's skyline looked entirely different than in did in 1960. L&C Tower (1957) was joined by One Nashville Place in 1985, followed by the Fifth Third Tower in 1986 and Nashville City Center in 1988.

1 minute ago, Skyscrapergeek said:

Should never have allowed the L&C tower to be built.  Height was totally in appropriate.  :blink:

That was the tallest tower in the Southeast in the late 1950s! Crazy to think how ambitious those developers were back then; Davidson County didn't even have 400,000 residents at the time.

What if we had a developer with a similar kind of ambition to build tall in Nashville today? How tall would that tower be? I would think it would have to be 1200 feet or greater to match that kind of disparity in height that the L&C boasted against the other highrises in 1957.

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