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Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs


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9 hours ago, henburg said:

Some of my favorite things from this Ice Storm have been the shots of hockey being played on the Lake Watauga in Centennial Park-

It drives me crazy when the newscasters and reporters on WTVF and other stations mispronounce Watauga and say WU TOO GA. Growing up in E TN that was a common name and if you sound it out like your third grade teacher taught you its not that hard.  It means beautiful water or sometimes  whispering water in native American but which language is unsure. Again it drives me so crazy I yell at the TV like they can hear me.

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Again folks, Make sure  when you post photos from a private person.....MAKE sure you have permission. This is just a heads up because I do know thousands of dollars have had to be paid out by Urban Planet because people post photos without permission!!!!!!!!! I am not aware of it being on this board but better be safe than sorry.

The renderings, we should always try and credit the architect, or courtesy of.  Gifs that are out there are normally open game because the person that posted them in the first place is liable.

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2 hours ago, chris holman said:

Nashville 1961 vs 2021


These old photos amaze me for many reasons. I grew up studying all the old photos of DT and what was to become MT Atlanta. And here I see so much I never noticed before, or no longer exists.  For example, that detention pond at the PSC site and the rough condition of the streets then. In fact, they're more developed now than then.  That whole area must have been a wasteland going back at least 100 years. Does anyone on our forum here know the history. It is on low ground on the inside of a riverbend, so I'd suppose there was never much in the way of valuable structures built in that square mile (or so). 

Regarding the detention pond, I can't help thinking there has been so muc leaching of hazardous waste into the Cumberland, and if Nashville wanted to play hardball with PSC, they could go after them for contamination. I don't know this for a fact, but it sure looks very likely. And grandfathered protections are quite limited when the EPA gets involved.  If I were advising the mayor, I'd exhaust all other possible avenues for negotiating before going that route. But still, it's surprising to me that the companies have not been pressed hard on this matter, especially when you consider the water treatment plant is just a few yards downriver. I seem to recall however, that the intake is about a mile upriver. I should have studied a lot more in Enviro-Law but there are many foundational legal precepts that apply. 

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