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Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs


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On 9/7/2021 at 10:08 PM, chris holman said:



Chris, we all appreciate your skills with a camera.  I find this one especially captivating.  It's the combination of light and shadows, and the way the two colors play with each other, including the two splashes of red in the yellow.  Thanks again.

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7 hours ago, Baronakim said:

Found these old postcards of Church Street from 1914.  the first shows the 45 degree corner of the Cain-Sloan Building at far right. On the left we see the original location of the Princess Theatre before it moved a block further east.  The indenture in the center is not a street, but the front lawn of the McKendree Methodist Church.  The present facade  though was added towards Church Street decades later.  One thing I have not been able to find is the identity of the handsome brick 10 story tower at the far left seen in full on the second card.  It was torn down perhaps for the new  Cain-Sloan in the 60s?  It now is the site of the 505 tower.  Anyone know?  Here is a night view from around 15 years later.




Noel sign in Franklin now 


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I wonder if WW had input in those diagrams.  If so, sort of makes you wonder what he and a few others know. Do they show up on those drawings? I see the Buckingham tower is in them. 

BTW: Marcus, you may want to repost the first pic (cover of the magazine) without your address label.  I don't think the regular folks on the Nashville forum are anything to be concerned with, but your address would be visible to anyone who stumbles on this site. At the very least, it may keep spammers from crowding your mailbox. Just a helpful suggestion. 

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